ASIMCO Shuanghuan Automotive Components (Yizheng) Co., Ltd. Launched on February 19, 2022

      This project is ASIMCO Group’s new plant that aims to serve the world’s top clients and sets pace for the industry through smart manufacturing, green and high-end products after the construction of ASIMCO Technologies (Yuncheng) Co., Ltd. was started last year. With Rmb500 million investment, the planned annual production capacity of ASIMCO Shuanghuan Automotive Components (Yizheng) Co., Ltd. (“ASAC”) will be 120 million sets of new type of piston rings. ASAC will further consolidate ASIMCO Shuanghuan’s industry leadership and serve as the best example of the group’s upgrading and transformation.


      The year 2022 will be the year of significant transformation. The theme of “upgrading and transformation, digitization and new energy strategy” will be a dominant principle that governs this year’s work. The group’s vigorous promotion of the information and intelligence-oriented development are found not merely in the construction of two plants, but also in the existing plants’ unsparing efforts to implement digitalized applications, improve digital technologies and increase their use in computer technology, manufacturing execution system (MES) and industrial robots. This is an integral part of the group’s strategic development and an effective guarantee for enhancing its core competence.


      While the conventional business of all the product lines is maximized, the group is firmly making its way into the “new energy” business and shift its focus towards those core components and system assemblies of electric vehicles, which are electric, smart and light-weight. When faced by the surging industrial reform in the future, the group has stood at the new starting point and is ready to embark on a new journey.


      ASIMCO Shuanghuan Piston Ring (Yizheng) Co., Ltd. (“ASIMCO Shuanghuan”) is a national high-tech enterprise engaged in R&D, production and sale of piston rings. The company owns the production lines for the piston rings for automotive diesel engine and core technologies with proprietary intellectual property rights in chromium-based ceramics composite electroplating, end-face flash plating, gas nitridation, PVD, etc. Based on all-round innovation, our products, with high grade, high starting point and high standard, have been widely applied to various heavy-duty, medium-duty and light-duty trucks, engineering machinery, sedan, minicar, motorcycle, marine engine, universal gasoline engine, etc. With annual production capacity of 180 million pieces, the company has more than 4800 varieties and specifications, its domestic market shares up to 25%, and engine matching surface up to 90%.